Data & environment around it

By Arun Kumar

There is a lot of data on fluoride contamination from different parts of India and there is data that is being created. What we at ternup  are involved in along with FKAN right now is loading all this data both existing from different digital documents as well as new data that we’re busy collecting into a database and mapping this data. Mapping of the data obviously creates a more compelling narrative than say the same data presented in a tabular form  the key question to ask however; more than the form  is who is the narrative going to be compelling for?

Getting all  fluoride in water sources data together and mapping fluoride data could  help visually communicate the seriousness of the problem and perhaps better informs those in positions to act.

However, the other part of this data plotting is the understanding of the environment around the data points themselves. Each point  represents a water source for a number of people,  but it also  represents  a wider environment  around this water source as well which has a story to tell.

It is the understanding and mapping of this overall environment  along with the water point that is of interest to us

This all looks exciting to us a and these are the things we are looking ahead to do along with the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network.

To borrow a phrase from economics, information asymmetry is what we are currently interested in — not just in the typical economic sense but in a larger organizational and societal context. What information is being gathered and whom does it serve? What are the safe guards to prevent abuse of this data? How can information exchange empower local communities?


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