Strides made by karnataka members of network

A lot of members in Karnataka are getting busy in many different activities

Gradually, the Karnataka group of the Fluoride network is emerging as a focus of innovation and activisim, thereby showing the way for others working on this issue

In the past few months, several events held in Karnataka give us a picture of the what these members are up to.

One such intensely active member is Prahlad Gowda from the NGO Sochara  – Society for Community Health Awareness and Research. A number of organizations working on community health and awareness were gathered together by Sochara to discuss on Environment and Sanitation Issues on September 18 and 19. As part of this event, Prahlad took the initiative of getting Fluorosis issues introduced to around 35 NGOs that were present. Ayan Biswas from Arghyam and Bapuji Maringanti from BMR College of Pharmacy exposed the participants to the issues. Following this, several of these organizations are showing interest in taking the issue further in their places of work.

Another parallel movement on Fluorosis happening in Karnataka is that led by Prof K S Sharma (a retired Law professor from Hubli) and Dr Bapuji Maringanti. Together they are in the process of getting thousands of people across the state to work on the issue and become messengers of Fluorosis. Most of these potential messengers are workers in the government for whom Prof Sharma has tirelessly worked for  past 5 decades and helped to regularize informal contractual jobs. A meeting towards this was organized in Hubli on September 30.  A series of action pointers in the form of a memo were presented by Prof Sharma to the State minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj, Mr H K Patil. This is being followed by the training the workers on Fluorosis and asking them to collect basic information on the problem from their respective villages.

Apart from these, we have individuals such as S Vishwanath, Avinash Krishnamurth, Samuel Rajkumar, Mallikarjunappa and many others in Karnataka who are constantly motivating a lot more people to act on Safe water and Fluoride issues. We need more such people in other states too!

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