Seven days of great learning and fun

Bringing into fold local NGO's from across the country for a learning workshop

Often, the thing people working in the field find so hard to accomplish is how to get all their field activities together to make meaningful impact. I’m sure if you were to ask anyone in this sector they would say yes, this is it!

With Fluorosis being such a relatively new issue to wake up to for practitioners and almost no trainings to take note of having happened , any training that aims to answer even  just a few questions on fluorosis can become so important we thought .

Keeping this in mind INREM Foundation got together field practitioners representing field organizations from across the country from the 6th to the 10th of October,2014 to come and learn about the issue in Jhabua (MP) and Dahod (Gujarat). The N M Sadguru Foundation in Dahod offered their campus facilities for the workshop.

A good mix of participants is what we had  for this workshop, with participants for the workshop coming  from all parts of the country, We had people representing NGOs coming from 5 different states, including Karnataka, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh!  “The first ever such  conglomeration of people coming together to get trained on and talk about Fluorosis”.

What was covered in this training was both practical and theoretical information on how one could move forward with varied solutions on the issue if they so decided. There were interactive  sessions with experts who’d been called in to talk on on different aspects to the problem including what’s nutrition’s role in fluorosis, how  do bone changes happen, how does one examine for dental fluorosis, how does one communicate on  the issue etc

And there were exploratory field visit  where participants got  a exposure to the disease ,  many of them seeing for themselves for the very first time the fluorosis  affected f as well as getting a  sense of the what kind of problems they faced. A local street drama designed to communicate Fluorosis with people was shown to the participants.

A certain  keenness to work on the issue was felt in  participants; both  individually as well as collaboratively. some great  friendships were developed and some memorable times were had by all, along with some  great cross-learning of experiences.

Films , Presentations and Resource material from the Learning workshop on Fluoride and Fluorosis ( )

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