Safe Water Learning Cards


Learning Card on “Fluoride in Groundwater”

The disconnect between research and field action on Water issues is something that we all know and talk much about. Though there are significant barriers in getting information across, many innovations are also helping reach knowledge to the people who really matter ie community workers, managers of Water programs and educators.

One such really neat innovation is the system of “Safe Water Learning Cards” SWLC – brought out by the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network, a coalition working on Safe Water issues in India.

By dividing complex issues into neat modular Flash cards, and systematically capturing the learning requirements of audiences, this system is slowly revolutionizing how Safe Water education and Capacity building is designed.

The starting point has been made with the critical Safe Water issue of Fluoride. The wide gamut of Water, Health, Nutrition and Technology issues are captured through this set of 72 cards divided into 4 sections, Basics, Solutions, Debates and Strategies.

By getting these cards into 5 more such issues and 12 more languages, the SWLC plans to extend its reach across India soon.

The fascinating aspect of learning with this approach has been twosome, one is to physically involve participants on being engaged and focussed, and two, to encourage peer-to-peer, flat, learning that is often missed in a top down approach such as a formal presentation.

A guide to use these Cards is linked here and here.

Videos from recent Learning experiences are here.

And most importantly, the Cards themselves and their growing impacts in Odisha, Telangana, MP, and other places.

The design and content of these Cards has come about from years of research on understanding the requirements of the target audience — in this case professionals, programme and field staff of various Water, Health and related programmes who come across Safe water issues in their daily work. Their training requirement is for a balanced mix of fundamentals and actionable content, delivered in an interactive manner for maximum retention. Moreover, it is crucial to stimulate the trainee during this learning process so that they are able to connect with their field observations and basic common sense. The SWLC is able to make it happen and also much more.

Come and join this revolutionary approach. It is yours to make it happen!

Blog Courtesy: Sunderrajan Krishnan, Fluorideindia Medium,

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