Safe Water Crusade

Your chance to ‘Be the change’

Have you ever wondered how one idea of yours can change the world. If yes, you might be that person that we are looking for.

The ‘Safe Water Crusade’ is envisioned on the one hand as a massive campaign to bring change on the water quality front, and on the other, is very specifically an award of four fellowships, each worth Rs 1 lakh, that will allow your idea to be tested and taken on to the next stage

These fellowships are being supported by the European Union (EU), through the work of the two networks that have been active nationally for the past 5 years on Water quality problems of Fluoride and Arsenic . The organizations behind these two networks, INREM and SaciWATERs, who are handholding these two networks come with an ecosystem of actors that can help in significantly taking your ideas to fruition.

So what is the ‘Safe Water Crusade’ about? Well there are two specific challenges as part of this crusade , both linked to ideas that help design or create a technological interface , in the sense of ioT enabled solutions, mobile apps, or others:

The first one is on sharing of Safe water infrastructure: Ever thought of the equivalent of an Ola/Uber/Oyo for rural drinking water? Imagine good clean water existing, but people with no access to them, either because of lack of information or intention to share. How do you crack this problem? Have a design or a tech idea. Great, go ahead and apply

The second challenge is on Real-time monitoring of water supply: Remote villages with wells, handpumps and pipelines, and thousands of crores getting invested every year on clean drinking water. But where is the data to say what is happening. If you got an idea that is simple, easy to scale and can capture things Live, that’s what we want. Put your idea forward. Who knows, this might be the winning one

Here are the specifics that you need to know:

• Apply using this form
• Last date for application: December 15
• Jury announces winners: December 25
• Who can apply: Anyone with a great idea !

If you are one of the winners, you get access to our fabulous network of people; ranging from tech entrepreneurs, to our funding ecosystem, innovators, field activists, NGOs and others. Access to these people early on , should help launch your idea from being just a seed to a massive innovation jungle that it needs to be!

So, go ahead, put that thinking cap of yours on and pen your ideas,
More questions? Just contact any of us: Sunder (, Vikas (

Welcome and Join the Safe Water Crusade !

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