A rapid first foray in Orissa

Fluoride Network member plans and arranges for network's first meet in Orissa

On 15th November 2015, Fluoride Network member Kesar Siraj called us from Orissa. He had been interacting with people there who had been working on Fluorosis. He asked if he could do a first meeting for the network there.

Getting all the actors together in three days! We didn’t quite believe that it was possible.

But quite incredibly It took him just three days to organise this meeting. Right from thinking about it to planning and executing it. It turned out to be the quickest organised network meeting we’ve had so far.

It’s moments like these that the Fluoride Network has waited for with anticipation, where members are able to take up such activities on their own.

There were civil society groups in Orissa like WaterAid Orissa, Local NGO’s like RCDC, Gram Vikas, CYSD Orissa, Atma Shakti Trust and other interested individuals who participated in this meeting.

Prior work in Orissa included efforts from RCDC and WaterAid in Nuapada and on a lot of communication material on fluorosis in Oriya that has come out. But what is lacking so far is information on nutritional interventions for fluorosis.

Orissa at the moment is struggling with Fluorosis. About 197 villages in 2 districts have serious issues with fluoride and a huge population at risk. Nuapada and Balangir are most affected districts.

Efforts like these become important for the movement. They give us a chance to discover people who are available to work across the country, the people who need help and what kind of help they need.

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