On ground Fluorosis reporting

By Kesar Siraj
Hearing voices from the field

Having access to safe drinking water is getting more and more difficult these days. There are so many people  in so many different rural locations around the country who are struggling with this problem day in and day out and are forced to drink unsafe water causing serious water related deseases like Fluorosis and Arsenecosis.

This is because people either don’t know what the problem is or they just don’t have any means for a solution for it even if they knew.

Their voices have been pretty much hard to reach out and people have been quite unresponsive to their pain

The Hindi Water portal team (HWP) feels that something needs to be done and something needs to be done fast so that these stories can be told.

It has therefore gone ahead with an initiative alongside the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network, the initiative is to tour affected places everywhere in the Hindi speaking belt covering states of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand to listen to problems people have, collect all this information and make it available for people. The information is also being made available online.

Not only does Hindi Water portal want, that information get shared on problems people are facing in fluoride affected locations, but also wants that information is made available on what all’s been done so far in terms of finding solutions these problems, so that people can learn from these “successes”.

There are different organisations both governmental and non-governmental who I’m sure at their own level have been trying to do different things, some have been working on techniques for making safe drinking water available, some for reducing fluoride and yet others who have been looking at ways to make better nutrition possible.

We feel that whatever these different ways, their efforts could end up being quite meaningless if we are unable to reach out to people with all this this information.

It’s here that we feel that we can definitely play a big role alongside other members of the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network; in spreading out all this information about what’s been happening in Fluoride affected communities and in the lives of affected people.

We feel that if we are able to bring smiles back on the faces of Fluorosis affected if we are able to give them just that tiny bit of hope that some day soon someone will wake up to their plight and help them, we would definitely have achieved a great deal then.


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