Nutrition Gardens for Fluorosis Mitigation

Kitchen gardens & community gardens can grow nutritious food locally.
Community Based Kitchen Gardens

Fluorosis, as we know, affects several parts of the body and its functions. One of the important findings in the past few decades has been – “Poorer the nutrition intake; severer the Fluorosis problem in a person”

Since Fluoride affects Calcium and Iron absorption in the body. A diet rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, antioxidants is extremely essential for people affected by fluorosis and for people who live in high Fluoride so that the impact of fluoride on bones can be countered.

In order for the communities to have more self-reliance in this kind of nutrition and in order for them to develop resistance to Fluorosis, one possibility is to have kitchen gardens and community based gardens which can grow nutritious food locally.

Network member Ms. Suneetha Sapur is working on this angle and is looking at existing models of such Nutrition gardens which can help in developing such a concept for Fluorosis too. As part of this exploration, she recently visited the Nutrition gardens developed by the Reliance Foundation in Andhra Pradesh.

A Diet rich in Amla (Vitamin C), Green vegetables (rich in Calcium), and other fruits and vegetables which help for mitigating Fluorosis can be promoted through such Nutrition gardens.

If you are interested to work on developing Nutrition gardens, that can help in greater community capacity for resisting Fluorosis, you may please get in touch with Ms.Suneetha Sapur (
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