Karnataka start up for the Fluoride Network!

Exploring possibilities for a Fluoride network Karnataka hub.
Fluoride Karnataka meet

On March 24th the network’s secretariat team met up with a wide range of entities/individuals in Bangalore for aligning all work on fluorosis and  exploring possibilities for creation of a Fluoride network Karnataka hub.

All our thanks go to Network members (S3IDF) Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Fund who came forward and showed a lot of exuberance for hosting the informal meet at their Office!

The meeting was a good chance for everyone, whether they were already working on the issue or were new to the issue to discuss what could be done collectively to address the problem in the State. It started with people giving short introductions about themselves, talking about work they were doing as well as “linkages if any” their work had with the fluoride problem.

This was followed by discussions with regards to the “on the ground situation” on Fluoride and Fluorosis in the state and on exploring how each partner’s work could contribute to alleviating the situation.

A range of things came up from this, some of them were:

  1. People on the whole seeming quite accepting of the fact that the government was willing to work on the issue. But felt what was stopping things from going forward  was an absence of a collective need being expressed by people in the community.
  2. One way of getting members of the group to associate with one another could also be members in Karnataka collectively focusing their efforts in supporting work that Field level NGOs  were doing on fluorosis. These Field NGOs could act as “activity hotspots” for members in Karnataka and concrete reasons for them to collaborate on.
  3. As a start up activity it would be good if everybody could contribute any information they might also have i.e. material, data, story, or statistic they felt was useful on telling the fluorosis story in Karnataka.

Network member, Ternup Research Labs, gave a demonstration of “Caddisfly” which is a Testing Kit for detection of fluoride in water.

A draft version of Fluoride Network’s Website was presented to the group to get some feedback.

The meeting ended with this and we are  hopeful of a good association building up from within this group.

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