Go Nalgonda Go!!

Cast your vote and support this massive mission!
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The District Fluoride Monitoring Centre Nalgonda is a one a kind initiative through a Tripartite Partnership that’s come about between the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network, UNICEF and the Nalgonda District administration  to bring parity between departments to work on the ever so forgotten rural problem of  Fluoride that causes extreme deformity and loss of life.

The DFMC  is a ready beckoner of hope for millions affected by fluoride contaminated groundwater, who till now had very little hope.

DFMC has now been recognized and nominated by SKOCH in it’s popular category for best Social effort, the voting for which is on at the moment on twitter..

So vote now and who knows your voting, maybe,  could be that difference in the lives of the many who are affected!

You can also find out more about  this initiative here: http://www.fluorideindia.org/state/Telangana/


Here’s how you can vote for DFMC

Step 1-  Go to this link  http://popularvote-list1.skoch.in/index.php scroll down where you will find a select Project ID to Vote Box

Step 2- Click on the tab in that box which says select “Project ID”.  A  drop down list of different Project ID’s appear

Step 3- Select Project ID 3 from this list and click on the green tab below on which is written “Proceed”

Step 4- This takes you to a page which says log in with Twitter. Click on Login with Twitter

Step 6- Which take you to an authorize app page, click on authorize app

Step7- this will take you to the twitter page of @SkotchSameer, Follow the ID SkochSameer and go back to the voting page

Step 8- Fill details (Name, Email , Mobile Number and submit your vote!)


Let us know if you need any help! You can reach us with questions at ratanjeevikas@gmail.com and spurthikolipaka@gmail.com





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