EU India and a District Level Approach on Fluoride & Arsenic

Getting the lives of our children secured

The European Union (EU) has come forward to support the network’s model of people-centric District platforms for Water quality through its Civil society support programme

This programme has now started from January 1, 2018 and in partnership with the Arsenic network. Overall, INREM Foundation is coordinating this programme with emphasis on fluoride issues, with SaciWATERs coordinating the arsenic part of this effort.

As part of this programme, 4 district platforms each will be developed for fluoride and arsenic issues in a total of 6 states as follows:

Fluoride: Dungarpur (Rajasthan), Nalgonda (Telangana), Chikballapur (Karnataka) and Balasore (Odisha)

Arsenic: Buxar (Bihar), Bhagalpur (Bihar), Nalbari (Assam) and Jorhat (Assam)

The concept of people-centric District water quality platforms started from Nalgonda and then got tested in Balasore. Now this gives us an opportunity to take this concept to more districts across the country and bring a systemic response to these long standing and important national issues.

Already the UNICEF has come forward to be a partner to this programme in Rajasthan state by facilitating the District platform in Dungarpur. This will help in system strengthening of the government departments and taking this model of other districts of Rajasthan, which is a highly fluoride affected state

Other developing partnership to the programme are with Arghyam which is developing the Societal platform on Water,  which aims to help scale up Water data and capacity building using digital infrastructure of a platform.

We would like to invite more partners to this idea and encourage interaction with our team at all levels. This will help encourage a wide response to Water quality issues across India and make a systemic response more effective and sustainable.


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