A communication approach that works

By Vikas Ratanjee
Thinking through how the challenging issue of effective Fluorosis communication can happen
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Since some time the fluoride network group ‘Centre of gravity Communications’ have been engaged with trying and finding out about how the very challenging issue of fluorosis communication should happen so that the enormity of the issue can sink into people everywhere, i.e. the lawmakers, govt, researchers, medical professionals.

There have been a series of phone conversations, one on one discussions that have happened between the fluoride network secretariat and Centre of Gravity to help think through and strategize on the issue.  Must admit these have been real fun sessions!

In one of these interactions an idea came about for engaging key network members from different domains to help understand what the critical communication  challenges were.

There were a series of interesting individual interviews as to what had been roadblocks in  the issue so far and what was it that could be done better?

The insights were thought of as a blueprint for the network’s communication strategy seeking to create a hypothesis for the network guided by which things could be taken forward.

After these varied interactions, Centre of Gravity with the help of the network’s secretariat  have been able to synthesize views  accumulated  into a strategic document which will be put forward for review to a wider network universe.

The first such opportunity is going to arise on the 3rd of December where a network advisory group are going to be  meeting and this document will be presented

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