Clouds of something big seem to be building up fast in Bihar,

a new Horizon

Eklavya Prasad is a passionate crusader who works in the hinterlands of Bihar on protecting safe water sources, helping communities revive dug wells and make better safe water choices, he holds Bihar very close to his heart.

The Prime Minister’s rural fellows are a growing force in Bihar with a direct access to the District Collector and his office.

Alok Mukherjee is a retired chief secretary to the Bihar government, very close to Eklavya and one of the key actors Eklavya has on board.


Eklavya; Some time back learnt of INREM’s work in Jhabua; fascinated by results that a safe water and good food approach can have in reversing fluorosis; he thought what if all of these actors could be brought together to work on the ever deteriorating situation of fluoride in groundwater in Bihar? Could it actually be the start of something big on Water Quality?

Incredibly,associations are built if you think they can

And hence grew a camaraderie of a kind between these actors that’s now making them, along with the Fluoride Network to be the change that they want to see.

The problem in Bihar, as you can see in this link here, has been of an unknown quantity.-

As a first effort of this collective, A combined team from the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network, Arghyam, Acwadam, Eklavya’s Megh Pyne Abhiyan and the Prime Ministers Rural Development fellow from Jamui visited field locations in Jamui and held meetings with the District Collector,

 It presented its findings to the District Collector and had detailed deliberations with him on what was possible, apprising him of the situation.

The team also visited Munger which is known to be among the worst affected fluoride districts in Bihar, also interacting with the PHED department officials at the district.

Ever since testings of water sources in other Districts and people’s surveys have also started by Megh Pyne Abhiyan with the Fluoride Network’s support for strengthening the need for elaborate work on fluoride and fluorosis across Bihar.


The first such visit was in Khagaria where many water sources were tested, the sources here have shown the presence of Fluoride in big amounts

With Wateraid’s massive possible partnership thrown in the midst of all this with the government in Bihar, there seems to be lot of possibilities for Bihar’s fluoride problem to be taken care of.

Blog Courtesy: Vikas Ratanjee, Fluoride India Medium

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