Assam let’s get a move on

Trying to build a lot of momentum around the issue through "Unite for Water, Unite for Assam"

I’d been to Assam in December 2013 with a team of experts representing the Fluoride Network. During that visit we visited two villages in Nagaon District that had been highly affected.

What I saw there had wrenched me deep down and I’d said to myself then, how could all of this have been let to happen? Was there no way out? Was there something that could be done? Could we let children we saw there, suffer like this?

I saw children very  small, smiles on their faces  but extremely fragile with bones damaged, barely able to walk or  with multiple disabilities.

When I interacted with people in the community I could see a certain sense of resignation writ large  on their faces.  It looked as if people knew for sure what was affecting them, but were lost with what to do with it.

With the issue nowhere near being in a public space and not being able to interest those that needed to act it seemed that awareness on fluorosis and advocating it at whatever forums were the two most important things that came to mind.

To this end a five month communications campaign-  the Unite for Water, Unite for Assam was  launched by the Network from August 15,2014 till January 26, 2015.The purpose of the campaign was to get the issue out in the open, to take it wherever it could, i.e to schools, colleges, government offices, non-governmental organisations.

First activities of this campaign happened with a visit to Assam and a few initial sessions in colleges to make young people understand Fluorosis.

We can see that a few minds have gotten really excited and are getting themselves thinking on this, moving forward , what we hope is that we’ll be able to create more such impact.



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