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By Bapuji Maringanti

K.S Sarmaji is a crusader in Karnataka who  has been fighting for the rights of Daily Wage Employees in Hubli for three decades.

Through Sarmaji’s  efforts we’d been  deeply involved in facilitating the rights of poor people particularly the rights of wage earners in Karnataka  who weren’t receiving their due wages. Working on the problems of the rural poor led us to explore the problem of Fluoride in drinking water.

Once we found the problem  out, we realized how big it really was and how little people knew about it. This was when our association with the Fluoride Knowledge and Action Network began. We felt that there was a need to  understand the problem in its many dimensions and to identify  possible solutions.

This also got us excited to take it upon ourselves to start a Fluorosis Mitigation Research Centre in Hubli, Karnataka

Our intention through the Fluorosis mitigation and research centre is to adopt a Multi-sectoral approach in dealing with the issue of fluorosis where adequate attention is given to each aspect having a bearing on ridding fluorosis; not just safe water but good food, proper nutrition, an institutional framework that supports intervention

We also want to adopt a philosophy of  (SEAM) i.e. Sensitizing Educating, Agitating and Mobilizing  ( SEAM)  to reach  goals on fluorosis.

The  centre has been inaugurated on Monday, the 20th April 2015 at we look forward to it’s playing a consequential tole for Fluorosis mitigation in the state.

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