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Very often, it becomes easy to blame politicians. But we fail to see the honest and hardworking ones who really care about their constituents. And more…

Job Opportunity - Project Coordinator
Employer: FKAN,
Place of Work: Nalgonda, Telangana State
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People's movement of decades finally led to formation of the DFMC (District Fluoride Monitoring Centre) of Nalgonda. Our Nalgonda Collaborative builds on the DFMC and is trying to reach Safe water security and related Health and Nutrition solutions to people across this district. The next challenge is that of Rehabilitation of affected people. All these tell us of the possible future work in other 200+ Fluorosis affected areas of India .. so better we act early and make the task easier elsewhere ... See MoreSee Less

In searing heat, 5 ppm fluoride would be the last thing on anybody's mind. Access to water close to home is a luxury that few have. Come summer, when wells and pipes dry up, people keep going back to handpumps. Imagine, just 4 months of such 5 ppm fluoride in summer is like 2 ppm fluoride for 12 months. Sufficient to continue Fluorosis in the long term. Recognizing and filling this gap is a need .. ... See MoreSee Less

Private sector unable to run R. O. Plants in Arsenic Fluoride affected areas of Raichur District Govt. To take over ... See MoreSee Less

Help Nalgonda district in Andhra Pradesh get clean & safe drinking water. Support our crowd funding campaign to deploy filters that ascertain the fluoride levels in water sources. No donation is small, every rupee counts. Donate here -> Funds collected will go towards rehabilitation of the affected.

#SWB #FKAN #EWB #FluorideFreeIndia
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Hebbale Ramesh shared NEWS9's video to the group: Fluoride India. ... See MoreSee Less

Prevent Fluorosis

for healthy bones, teeth, low anemia, & better nutrient absorption

Drink Safe Water

from fluoride free water sources, remove fluoride with filters, use rain water for drinking

Better Nutrition

a nutritious diet rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C and Antioxidants


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